We don’t just place healthcare media. We’re changing it.

Omnicom Health Group has led the digital and data revolution in healthcare media with SSCG Media—the largest, most sophisticated planning and buying group in the industry. Through our scale and influence, we’re shaping industry standards on everything from viewability to accountability. And we’re driving innovation in healthcare media, guiding clients towards new and effective channels while delivering significant savings and transparent results. That’s why many clients today are choosing to consolidate all of their media planning and buying with us.

leading brands use SSCG Media to plan and place their healthcare media
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We’ve also developed essi™—the first and only secure, web-based tool for planning, buying, and managing multichannel healthcare media, and exclusive to Omnicom Health Group. With more than 3,000 participating media vendors, essi™ helps us better manage client media plans, and automatically track and report savings. To learn more, click on a link below.