Omnicom Health Group is led by a team of marketing and healthcare industry communications veterans. We’ve grown and cultivated leading agencies—and agency leaders—that serve the most successful brands in healthcare today. Through our shared commitment to learning and development—and a relentless focus on innovating and delivering value—we drive extraordinary results for Omnicom’s healthcare clients.

  • Ed Wise

    Ed Wise

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Sharon Callahan

    Sharon Callahan

    Chief Client Officer

  • Joshua Prince

    Joshua Prince

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Dennis Hoppe

    Dennis Hoppe

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Carolyn Bartholdson

    Carolyn Bartholdson

    Chief Human Resources Officer

  • Jo Ann Saitta

    Jo Ann Saitta

    Chief Digital Officer

  • Phil Roselin

    Phil Roselin

    Chief Business Development Officer

  • Jen Schatzman

    Jen Schatzman

    General Counsel