Health doesn’t happen without professionals, and our global professional networks communicate with all of them. By illuminating science, honing language, and forging compelling ideas, we shape how professionals think, feel and choose in the crowded healthcare marketplace. Omnicom Health Group has built many of the most successful brands in the world of health today, not just with physicians and specialists, but with nurses and pharmacists as well. And with many staff MDs, PharmDs and PhDs, we help clients better understand and connect with professional peers.

of the top 200 Rx brands are managed by our agencies
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Omnicom Health Group has the greatest breadth of professional agency offerings in the industry. Our agencies help clients of all sizes—from global biopharmaceutical companies to single-compound startups—build world-class brands with their most important customers. Click on an agency to learn more about their unique approach to professional marketing.

Patients & Consumer

Omnicom Health Group is a world leader in patient and direct-to-consumer marketing, as well as direct-to-patient programs that produce better-informed customers and healthier outcomes. We develop multichannel marketing solutions that connect with patients along every part of their healthcare journey—from patient engagement to self-advocacy, including clinical trial recruitment. Our award-winning campaigns and programs take a disciplined approach to measurement and ROI, and have been recognized consistently for their results.

Clios, Effies, ECHOs, MM&Ms, Mannys, and Tellys for patient communications
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Patients & Purpose was founded as an agency with relentless passion for patients, and they have been redefining how brands engage with them ever since. With their novel approaches to patient engagement, emerging digital expertise, and unparalleled breadth of multichannel experience, P&P is leading the evolution of today's patient experience.

The global leader in patient engagement, Snow Companies connects patients to health science through emotionally impactful, action-oriented, patient-centric communications and storytelling. Snow has helped tens of thousands of patients tell their personal health stories and has inspired millions of people to become empowered patients.

Patient engagement in clinical trials drives the development of life-changing therapies. MMG was born to bridge the gap between patients and research. With more than 30 years of industry thought leadership and 1000+ programs across 70 countries, MMG continues to be the leader in recruitment strategy, methodologies, analytics, and innovation.

The TBWA\Health Collective brings together the best talent from across TBWA to create the most daring, culturally relevant consumer health brands. Modern culture influences everything consumers think and do. So, the TBWA\Health Collective capitalizes on that, by leveraging modern culture to amplify brands and help them grab a larger piece of the future.

Value & Access

We know that conversations about access, reimbursement, and value are fundamental to healthcare decision making. That’s why Omnicom Health Group has been at the forefront of market access strategy and communications for more than two decades. Entrée Health, Adelphi Real World Value and Outcomes, and Valuate Health Consultancy are our dedicated access/reimbursement offerings, with talent (from customer, industry, and agency worlds), strategic acuity, and creative agility to deliver market access in today’s complex and challenging environment.

Dedicated access and reimbursement specialists
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With payer experience that includes health plans, large employers, HMOs, ACOs, PBMs, Group Practices, and governments, our consultancies and agencies help brands develop and share compelling value propositions across multiple channels and customer groups. And they help brands successfully find their way into the complex healthcare marketplace. To learn more, click on an agency below.

Medical, Evidence & Regulatory

Omnicom Health Group’s Medical, Evidence & Regulatory agencies turn scientific promise into clinical reality. Our skilled medical and marketing experts understand emerging pathways, therapeutic trends, and clinical needs—and translate them into powerful commercial strategies. Using innovative channels and programs, we engage thought-leaders around the world, shaping the future dialog around medicine, evidence, value, and health.

MDs, PharmDs & PhDs
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Adelphi, HCG, and Synergy are among the largest medical education firms in the world, expert at working with scientific data, clients and customers, and delivering peer-to-peer education programs for the medical community. To learn more, click on an agency below.