Good Morning Peyton

Much of the work at OHG agencies is done in support of Rare Disease communities and therapies. In this case, we partnered with the National Association of Rare Disorders (NORD) to help change how the world sees ultra-rare diseases like xeroderma pigmentosum (XP)—a life-threatening allergy to sunlight. Using the power of storytelling and a seminal day in the life of Peyton, a young XP patient, we hoped to inspire support and ongoing investment in potential treatments.

Unite In Gratitude

As the COVID-19 pandemic began, our people wanted to find a way to thank, honor and support healthcare workers—those who risk their own health and lives caring for the rest of us. We created #UniteInGratitude, a national pro bono campaign with a reimagined American flag made from the fabric and colors of the hospital to inspire gratitude and support. Hollywood icon Dennis Quaid, along with other Omnicom agencies, production partners, and even clients (Merck and Pfizer) lent their help to this effort. Our multichannel campaign also features an e-commerce site,, where proceeds from the purchase of Gratitude Flags and other gear go directly to the CDC Foundation’s Coronavirus Emergency Response Fund to help support a wide variety of essential needs, including personal protective equipment (PPE), medical supplies, emergency staffing and more. We’re proud of #UniteInGratitude, but even more than that we’re grateful to the doctors, nurses, EMTs, pharmacists and other healthcare workers who continue to serve all of us on the frontlines of the pandemic.

Nad & Tad

Engaging patients around important health information often takes creative courage. Like our Get In Touch With Your Testes campaign launched during Testicular Cancer Awareness month for the Testicular Cancer Foundation . The campaign features Nad & Tad, a dynamic duo designed to get guys to pay healthy attention to their own dynamic duos. Through a series of online videos and cheeky social posts, Nad & Tad educate guys on the symptoms of testicular cancer, and show them step-by-step how to check for it.

Zac's Playdate

We're proud of the work that several of our agencies have done to move the conversation forward around understanding, managing and treating Spinal Muscular Atophy (SMA). In creating Zac's Play Day, our primary objective was to aid in the education and awareness of SMA among families, friends, and even young classmates, and to better help them appreciate both the limitations—and possibilities— of living with the disease.