From physicians to patients to providers to payers, it takes intense collaboration to coordinate and deliver healthcare. That’s why Omnicom Health Group agencies are culturally-oriented towards working together. Most of our client assignments are shared by three or more OHG specialty agencies. Through regular programs like ConnectFest (which hundreds of our people have participated in, both in the US and globally), we’ve established that collaboration isn’t just a way of working—it’s our way of life.

One way we support an inclusive environment is through connecting within our Talent Resource Groups including OHG Voices, the Black Collective, OPEN Pride, and Omniwomen.

We are committed to raising awareness, encouraging empathy, and changing behavior, so every employee can thrive. We do this through formal training and employee-led conversations on areas like unconscious bias, microaggressions, and allyship.

We’re also dedicated to recruiting diverse talent through our longstanding partnership with 4A’s Multicultural Advertising Internship Program, and building an onboarding and career-growth program that nurtures talent as it plans for their success.

When our people learn and grow, we grow. That’s why Omnicom Health Group has built and continues to support one of the most robust employee learning and development programs in the industry. OHG University provides a range of free courses that help employees learn new skills, increase knowledge, and get better at their craft. One of our marquee programs, ONCU, is an intensive, ten-week, in-person and online course that gives participants a 360-degree understanding of the complex and fast-changing world of oncology, so they can better serve our clients.

We think, strategize, and communicate about vital healthcare issues every day. But we don’t just talk the talk…we walk the walk. Omnicom Health Group encourages and supports a range of programs to keep our people focused on the importance of their own personal health, and our community’s health. Each of our agencies volunteers and supports organizations that are committed to patients. We’re regular supporters of employee health initiatives like OHG Fit (see video below) and the American Heart Association’s annual Wall Street Run & Heart Walk, raising funds for heart health. And through a partnership with the Children’s Hospital of Montefiore, we send employees to work with kids in their Art Therapy program, which we’ve supported by raising over $1 million dollars over the course of a decade.