If you want to move forward, you have to accelerate

If you want to move forward, you have to accelerate

OHG’s Growth Accelerators are what drive our people and our brands forward—faster from “what’s now” to “what’s next.” These teams and tools create real solutions for real healthcare challenges. They ignite our people with solutions at the speed of humanity for the benefit of each other and our clients.

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It’s how we become better.

OHG knows that differences drive impact—and that’s a cornerstone we’re built on. Our diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) Accelerators are engineered to help us make an impact on the communities that are most impacted by inequities in healthcare. At OHG we know it is our responsibility to work with our clients to ensure that diverse experiences are understood so we can continue to grow stronger, together.

Employee Resource Groups

Embracing all of our employees is vital to upholding our commitment to Healthy Inclusion and making strides to become the most diverse, welcoming, and inclusive healthcare communications organization. At Omnicom Health Group, our numerous employee resource groups (ERGs) provide our diverse talent with opportunities to come together for support, mentorship, and community.

OHG DEI/Talent Partnerships

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Development Partnerships

We partner with and support many community-based and national organizations that focus on creating opportunities for diverse talent.

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Talent Partnerships

We actively nourish our university-based relationships, which pave endless pathways for our diverse talent pool


Omnicom Health Group and its companies are committed to highlighting health inequities and driving change for Black Health Now.


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Advanced technology.
Richer insights.
Better decisions.

Accurate data. Creative technology. Tools and processes that streamline, optimize, and harmonize infrastructure. We bring the new into the now across everything we do. Our network, our people, and our brands are fueled for the future by “what is” and inspired by “what can be.”

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Industry-leading precision marketing platform

Omni is our precision marketing platform that infuses data into every aspect of workflow, insights, planning, creative development, activation, reporting, attribution, and optimization, while providing streamlined and secure access to the various data sources in a singular location.

By integrating patient, healthcare professional and payer data into our HIPAA-compliant, confidential, and private secure data lake, we can holistically understand the healthcare ecosystem that surrounds and influences patient and HCP decisions and journeys. This in turn allows us to uncover behaviors, develop segmented and microsegmented audience profiles, messaging, and channel selection, driving better results in new prescription and refill, compliance and adherence. Omni helps orchestrate better business outcomes for our healthcare clients.

More than


users globally

Enhanced engagement by 30% with our innovative technology

Improved campaign performance by an average of 12%

Leveraging AI to deliver personalized content faster without compromising compliance

We’re not just transforming compliance and speeding up the medical, legal, and regulatory review process, we’re doing it in a way that scales seamlessly with modular content and personalization. Our innovative process includes leveraging artificial intelligence to streamline the auditing of claims from authorized promotional materials throughout the content life cycle. This not only establishes a unified foundation of approved claims and associated information but ensures scalable growth and adaptability through modular content and personalized approaches.


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Preparing for tomorrow, today

OHG Health Fusion is our innovation and thought leadership platform to deliver better, stronger solutions. For this platform, our objective is simple: outcome over output. In addition to being a thought leadership platform, Health Fusion hosts an event series focused on highlighting digital innovation within the healthcare industry through Health Fusion: TechX. This event offers clients and agencies a glimpse into the latest technological advancements and how they apply to life sciences and healthcare marketing.

Health Fusion: TechX


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Solve real marketing challenges, simply

Navigate healthcare’s complexities with ease and simplicity. Tandem, our precision marketing engine scales omnichannel execution while delivering measurable impact. Powered by the Omni Health platform, AI technology, and a team of activation experts we unify digital, sales, and offline channels to create meaningful customer experiences.




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Investing in people
yields the highest returns.

OHG is deeply committed to the enrichment and growth of our people and clients. Our bespoke continuing education Accelerators are shaped to elevate and educate junior newcomers, senior leaders, and the clients we partner with. When our people grow, our brands and clients shine.


Instructor-led courses

Over 10,000

On-demand classes

Content on


and hundreds of
in-demand skills


Marquee growth
accelerator programs

Our Marquee Growth Accelerator Programs

New to oncology? As a client or as part of the OHG team, we’ve got you covered. From the basic biology of cancer through the new and exciting therapeutic landscape, our OHG faculty gives a 360° education on the science, data, and the nuances of how different healthcare providers manage the treatment journey of patients.

Provides employees and client partners new to the world of healthcare communications a soup-to-nuts overview of the biopharmaceutical industry and its key players. Accelerate your career in healthcare communications by learning what we do, why we do it, and most importantly, the impact we can have on healthcare.

In Rare U, OHG team members and our clients receive a ground-up education on the complex landscape of rare diseases. OHG’s subject matter experts teach participants the key therapies, players, and best practices critical to being effective when engaging with the providers, patients, and caregivers in the rare-disease community.

We are committed to making OHG the most diverse, welcoming, and inclusive healthcare communications network in the world. That’s why we developed DEI U, which is a learning curriculum purposely built to aid employees in their journey to Healthy Inclusion and becoming a champion of diversity, equity, and inclusion at OHG.

Leading U, our management and leadership accelerator, gives leaders at all levels the skills they need to drive team performance, engagement, and client success in today’s rapidly evolving business environment. Leading U empowers its participants to provide high-impact feedback, delegate effectively, and improve the relationships, productivity, and self-reliance of their teams.

How do you make great content even greater? By understanding how all the pieces of the media puzzle work together. Developed in partnership with Omnicom Media Group, Media U provides employees with a baseline knowledge of the media landscape needed to achieve dimensionalized storytelling—the heart of our OHG strategy and our focus.

Ensure your brand applies advanced and proven customer experience strategies. Omnichannel U has been carefully crafted and curated from subject matter experts across OHG to educate and empower employees of OHG agencies and clients by simplifying Omnichannel principles, defining key terminology, and highlighting best practices and ways of working to build comprehensive Omnichannel capabilities.

Unlocks the power of Omni Health—The OHG proprietary precision healthcare marketing platform born from the Omnicom juggernaut “Omni.” Participants will become fluent in how Omni Health’s audience data, market overviews, and profiles can bring inspiration to content, support for communication strategies, and value for their clients.

For more information or general inquiries about our client-facing programs,
please contact: [email protected]

For more information or general inquiries about our client-facing programs, please contact:
[email protected]


Talent is at the center
of everything we do.

Wherever you are in your career, we’ll meet you there to provide end-to-end support that will allow you thrive. Our goal is to create a space where you can forge unexpected connections and embrace what makes you uniquely you.

Spend Your Summer With OHG!

Our structured summer internship program provides university students with hands-on opportunities to learn from industry experts across our global network. Our interns work with mentors and educators to develop valuable skills and learn key industry insights. Driven by a combination of teamwork, client work, and scheduled community-building experiences, our interns leave the summer program with increased industry knowledge and the tools required to kick start their careers in healthcare communications.

OHG Mobility

Your journey matters to us, and our proven mobility program is here to enable your professional growth. OHG employees have the opportunity to explore limitless career trajectories across our growing network of companies with full support and guidance from our specialized OHG talent recruiters. Join our community of success stories and experience firsthand the benefits of a workplace that champions your development, creativity, and ambition.

OHG talent mobility
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Health of Advertising is a competitive brand challenge designed to introduce exceptional university students to the healthcare communications industry. Hosted annually in the United States and United Kingdom, and led by experts from across OHG, student teams compete in a 4 week challenge designed to introduce students to career options they likely never considered.

The CraftLab is the first of its kind student-led healthcare communications agency embedded at OHG and is focused on developing the next generation of diverse, highly skilled business leaders. CraftLab students work throughout the year on client projects and gain insights and experience from hands-on work and mentors. This program is focused on providing students with diverse backgrounds with opportunities in healthcare communications.

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